Perhaps the random symbols on a page do something to the soul that no other form of expression could complete. There is something about writing ones innermost thoughts..it is very powerful. But no matter how much I may analyze, discuss, or ponder I do not believe I will ever understand humanity. Humanity is the gap or space between the human heart, mind, and my hand. It is where thoughts congregate that are neither politically correct, intelligent, or dolled up. Instead it is raw, barren, open, honest, and unafraid.

Humanity is stunning and yet so defiled from its intended purpose. When we are left alone with ourselves for too long a time, we become our worst enemy. It is not good that man should be alone. When we are left alone with ourselves and our mind is our only source government, we will honestly do things with the hand that we never anticipated to do within our hearts. Though humanity is daunting and limitless I am glad that I do not understand it, because then adventure, heroism, confusion, mistakes, honesty, morals, creativity, lies and brokenness would all be understood. Most certainly it would greatly benefit society and lifestyle to understand why we do what we do, but I fear it would eventually squander the true innocence and life we have within our souls. If we were to know and understand the ways of life then we would no longer be like children who gaze at grown-ups and marvels in their understanding, or like a little boy who looks at the stars. If we understood humanity we would lose the sparkle in our eyes because we would have no desire to change things! We would lose passion and mysterious wonder or pure excitement.

Passion unlocks the door to creativity. A break in continuity causes us to awaken and realize that life is a game and we are not the authors, but instead the inexperienced actors who have no idea what tomorrow is going to look like.

uhhh… I hate when I don’t make sense. I have so many things in my head and I feel such relief when I get it out on paper but it doesn’t make any sense! I have this built up frustration… I don’t know why though, no one is even reading this blog. So I guess its just me alone with my frustration 🙂


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  1. Hanna

    Keep writing! It’s beautiful, it makes sense and I’m provoked and inspired!!!! 🙂 Love you!

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