A Maze of Light

I was sitting on a plane looking outside the window and all I could see were distant lights… thus inspiring this poem. Enjoy 🙂

A maze of light

Is the worst of all,

Too subtle to be noticed,

too short to be tall.

Its alluring in focus,

And hypnotizing in blur,

You draw near, you enter,

You answer its call,

Come you who wander,

Too afraid to face the dark,

That dwells in your heart,

Deep, scarred like a mark.

The pages of time,

Reward you as lost,

Yet you do not notice,

You live in a farce,

Darkness is almost better

If it, you are willing to face,

Rather then hiding

In a ray of deceiving lights mist.

If you enter a maze of light,

Without discernment in your soul,

You will find yourself in darkness,

In an ever increasing hole,

It catches you,

With its venom of beautiful light,

And crushes you with its talons,

The sharp talons of night,

So where can we go,

If both darkness and light,

Are deceiving workers,

Of treacherous blight?

We must walk into that

Which is hidden from sight,

Seeing only by being blinded,

Being upheld by His might,

We walk through life

With a blindfold of soul,

We search we plunder,

For some meaningful goal,

But we will find nothing,

Until we look up,

Up in the distance,

Look up, Look up!

He is watching and waiting,

For the blind eye to see,

He is waiting, He is calling,

“Look up at me…”

The eye must be shut,

For the heart to truly see,

No perception of mankind,

Can understand His mystery.


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