the weather is silent

71619-11-first-taste-of-rainThe weather is so silent today. Its always silent before it rains…. It’s so beautiful when the weather is still and there is only a thin layer of invisible mist that you slightly feel on your skin and it tingles your lips with a numb type feeling.

One of the most powerful emotions you can experience with still weather is the smell of it.The smell of the winds current, or the smell of sheer nothingness. It’s amazing how nothing can smell so good…in the same way that silence can sound so breathtaking.

We associate sound with noise, but sound is separate from noise – sometimes sound is entirely silent and the emotion that comes with silence is the hardest to copy or capture. It’s like a wave – it happens so quickly. As soon as you try to catch it, it slips through your fingers into an abyss of chatter.

You never know when silence will occur – that is why you have to be ready for it… ready and waiting.


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