My Favorite Fruit..

After a long day of hair cuts, babysitting, burning my fingers with hot salmon and cleaning, I was ready for a break so I picked up a Pomegranate. It’s such a fascinating piece of fruit, entirely tempting, yet it’s almost as difficult to eat as it is to spell.

Its elusiveness tempted me. Picking up its leathery-textured-skin, I began to study it. A Pomegranate is circular, should feel hard, and is best to eat when its color is richest. It looks funny but when you cut into it you find an entire whirlwind of seeds that are juicy and crunchy.These alluring little seeds seem to be suffocating in a maze of white foam. You have to carefully extract the seeds from the foam without spraying yourself with its tangy juice. Haahaa, quite amusing…

While singing along with my playlist and getting juice stains around the corners of my mouth, I was proud to set before me a bowl of Pomegranate seeds. Its one of the most satisfying fruits you will eat. After spending all of that time popping out seeds, you feel like you’ve mastered the art of self-control, or that you’ve done someone a gigantic, big, good, favor.


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