Merry Christmas

I woke up today with a loving family, a warm home, a bed and pillow, and with food on the table. What a merry Christmas indeed.
All Throughout the day jokes, stories, memories, events, and laughter darted throughout the entire house as we opened, received, and gave gifts. In the space of our living room, all 7 of my family’s individual personalities were uncovered…hmm, how fun it is to be free, honest,¬†comfortable, and accepted in the living room of your own home.

I go to bed tonight feeling divinely peaceful and yet soberly quiet. As I look out of my window and see the cold snow pressed up against its glass pane, I can’t help but think of the bitter, cold Christmas that myriads of individuals have experienced today. The individuals who have lost a loved one, been rejected, who don’t have a place to call home, or who feel they are more valuable dead, than alive.
I don’t know why I think about those things especially after such a wonderful day. But, I think its because I had such a wonderful day that I think about them…I wish I could slice a chunk of goodness from my morning and send it to them all wrapped up tight and warm. My heart cries when I think of them.

Well…I will shout a ‘Merry Christmas’ to all who can hear and pray for all the Lord places on my heart and hopefully, when I am finished, my echo will go further then my voice or deeds ever could.
Merry Christmas…


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  1. Anonymous

    MARY Christmas!

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