My heart is with the children.

My heart is with the children.

How many unnamed children woke up this morning without food, a bed, a roof over their heads, or who simply woke up with no hope? How many unwanted children were abused, thrown aside, beaten, rejected, or literally “thrown-away” last night? How many children?

People cannot estimate the exact number but there is an estimated 145 million orphans in the world. “Every two seconds another child becomes an orphan” (

That’s only an estimated number. What about the child hidden underneath an ash dump trying to survive the cold? Or the baby suffocating in the garbage can? Or the little girl in a cardboard box hiding from violent street gangs? Its real what’s happening and I can’t ignore it. Sometimes I wake up with voices in my head crying, or when I close my eyes I see the faces of children staring at me with their eyes of pain. Who will take them in? Who will give them a name? Who will love them?

…It hurts my heart. We get so preoccupied with temporal things that we plug our ears and ignore the children. We ignore, reject and despise the little ones.


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