Everything changes.

Last night at one-thirty in the morning I exited my vehicle and was on my way to the front door of my house. I was looking at my feet, complaining in my head about the thick ice that felt slick beneath my boots, when I suddenly turned my gaze upward.

Everything changed.

Rather than a bitter, cold, miserable, ice-infested world that I had been grudging and complaining about, I suddenly saw a glistening winter-wonderland. The air was perfectly still but had an invisible thick substance to it. The sky was dark with little twinkling lights looking down that gave kisses to the snow infested ground beneath and the snow seemed to glitter back in response with a merry, “Thank you”. No ones footprints interrupted the gleaming picture of snow and there was a peaceful contentment in the air almost as if the sky had a luminous secret and was laughing at its own incandescent brilliance.

My nose began to chill and numb but I was so divinely happy that I didn’t want this feeling to end. I felt like holding and squeezing someone’s hand while I got lost in this world of joie de vivre.

Hmm. I wonder how many scrumptious secrets we could discover if we simply turned our gaze upward…


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