Everyone One of Us Has Been A Child

Its amazing how our entire lives are affected by those few beginning years when we are most vulnerable, innocent, and receptive. The way we are treated, loved, held, and nurtured play significant roles in our unique personalities and our abilities to have healthy emotions. These few years dramatically affect the course of our lives and therefore we should pay great attention to them.

Yet, few children have the ability to choose the way they are treated by the outside world. Thrust into an environment of sin, corruption, immorality and greed, children have to fend for themselves with no assurance of care. Immediately the lies begin to bombard their minds;The world is evil, you cannot love, you cannot trust anyone, you have to be the strong one, no one cares for you, you are a waste, and nothing good is ever going to happen. While being a child, these spoken/unspoken words and emotions are hammered into their souls and their response to reality changes significantly.

More than 145 million kids are growing up with no father, mother, family, or any emotionally healthy/safe role model. A generation is rising up that has been given nothing, except the brunt of our greed and sin. Where are we headed? If we’ve lost the children, how can we ever hope to gain the future? Tonight, how many cries will go unanswered? Tonight, how many babies will be left on the street? Tonight, how many kids will go to bed hearing the screams of abuse?

Oh, I feel so overwhelmed sometimes. There are so many to be cared for. I just want to love them and learn to love them well. Behind all of the facts, articles, organizations, publicity, hype, and trends there are just kids who want to be hugged. They are real people like you and me. People just craving attention and admiration… Is it so much to ask?


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