A poem of time

I couldn’t get this poem out of my head and the lines kept running through my thoughts. Finally, to help put my mind  at ease, I wrote it out on paper.

“Pause O time and let me breathe

Without the pain of loss in me.

Rewind, unlock the vault of past,

Where memories gather and regret does last.

I did not grasp the sifting speed,

that swallows and buries mercilessly.

I did not hold or cherish well.

My loved ones word I did often sell

To meaninless games of tall, tall fame

to empty statues that all end the same.

Time warned me with its distant tock,

that unceasingly steady, beating lock.

I muffled my ears with the fabric of noise

its warning I spurned, forgetting its lur

Regret is the saddest torcheror of the soul,

always knocking on the patterns of thought.

Its enemy and ally are both the same,

found in the sound of a tick-tocking game.

Hear it and listen, take it to heart.

Run with it, fear it, play with time smart.

O Patterns of invisible time,

be my guest, be my sign.

Ticking, ticking, whispering by,

To live be my goal till the tick-tock does die.


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