A picture of my day.

The other day I was homeschooling Daniel. After making him his favorite cup of tea and turning on his favorite ‘school music’ (Bach), we snuggled up side by side on the living room couch and learned together. We studied numbers, shapes, sounds, animals, words, sign language, and all the while Daniel would hold my arm in a tight clasp with giddy excitement. Daniel loves to learn… and I love teaching him.

Finally, after completing his basic subjects, I took Daniel up to my art closet and had him scan through my paints and pick out his favorite colors. After stuffing my arms with a wide load of color we set up our sophisticated art studio on the kitchen table. Daniel held his paint brush, looking greedily at the open colors before him.  As he dipped his paintbrush into their gooey texture and spread out the pigment on his blank paper, his eyes glittered with child-like joy and pure awe. After his picture was complete, he looked at me with the proudest, most genuine, unalloyed, guileless, expressive excitement. “Guss!! Look!” he yells as he jumps up in down in his chair getting paint stains all over his hands.

I love color. So much. And I like sharing color with other people. When I paint with Daniel I feel such incandescent contentment. I hear people talk about their big dreams for the future and I think I know mine. If I could do anything in the world, I would want to buy a gigantic house for orphans and teach them. It would be such fun to share color and creativity with kids who have lived on ash dumps their whole life. Thats what I want to do.

But as for today I can be content with loving, teaching, caring, and sharing color with the one little boy in my life.


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