Hold on O Soul

Hm. I don’t really know what to say about this poem. The first line was stuck in my mind and as I wrote the story unfolded. Its about a man, that I do not know, who is alone and stuck in a cell somewhere. I still do not understand it, but I thought I would share…I call it, “Hold on O Soul”

Lonely is the air I breathe,

Deep, desolate shores of ice in me,

Forgetful speech uttered in unclean air,

Forgetful deed muttered in active scare,

I don’t know what happened to life in me,

All I know is that it faded, its nearly died in me.

Life is almost dead, its color grey,

No hope, but delusions cry does stay,

I float in breath, I drift in dream,

I sleep in foam, I wake in beams,

beams of iron that shadow my heart,

beams of iron that clam me shut,

I’m stuck in a box of irons bar,

I’m stuck in this shadow of deeds gone wrong,

I’m stuck in the shame that my past did scream,

I’m stuck in the past that erased my name

My name is broken, my name forgotten

Yet life still goes on beyond this iron curtain.

I still feel, can you hear me? I still breath and wake,

I still falter and patter, my heart still goes numb with mistake,

My conscience proved me guilty,

And Law enforced its mark,

Years of unbroken solitude,

Years of silence dark,

I was wrong, I was hard, bitter, and alone

I was wrong, can you forgive? Please hear my distant moan.

The power of solitude is one I shan’t forget,

it makes you question and ponder, face the fears you left unmet

Forgive me I pray, forgive me once more

Silence has changed me, my sin I have born.

Life may destroy, but not entirely kill,

It may wound and shatter, but not entirely break,

I hold on to the boyhood innocent dream,

I hold onto the life that still breaths in me,

I hold onto to the faint light that sometimes speaks,

through the iron wall that shuts in on me,

I hold onto the faces of love I see,

I hold onto the promise of who I can be,

I hold on, so weak, so faint, so frail,

Yet hold on, oh soul, hold on so well.


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