paint stains on my fingers..

I closed the door to my room, entirely exhausted. It had been a long day and I was finally all by myself. I pulled out my pencils and paper and got lost in creating illustrations, random doodles, and made-up friends. Such fun. I didn’t realize how carried away I got until I woke up the next morning with dirty paintbrushes and paint stains all over my fingers.

The poor girl. She kept getting lost in the wind.

I love this squirrel. I don’t quite have a name for him yet, but it’ll come.

And his name shall be: Ragonian Snuppit, the grasshopper.

Blank paper, watercolor, and imagination. Let the color speak for itself.

The angry man with a wooden leg.


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One response to “paint stains on my fingers..

  1. slarsen

    These are so creative and imaginative. I love them, especially the man standing on the flower with the color coming from his head. He needs a name.

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