It was one of those mornings where you wake up with a peaceful expectation. Expectation that some big, good fairy was going to hide something under your pillow, or that someone was going to hand you a bundle of flowers and hand you a note that said, “Thinking of You”. Expectant that something entirely pleasant was going to catch you up by surprise and carry you for a ride. All throughout the day you have a warm feeling amidst the winter chill, expecting only the best and just waiting for a single kind word or a simple look. Everything seems good and kind in your eyes. You wait, watch, and double-check everything around you so that you don’t miss your expected surprise…but, nothing happens.

The only hard thing about expectation is when you find yourself unexpectedly disappointed. When, at the end of the day, you find no treasure hidden beneath your pillow and no bundle of flowers awaiting your acceptance and no assurance that someone is thinking of you. You sit alone on your floor confused as to why you waited for something so expectantly and why you. are. alone. on. your. floor…

Yet, as you drink your hot tea and eat your chopped up cucumbers, you can’t help but smile and remember the joyous pleasure you experienced all throughout the day while waiting expectantly for something to happen.

As you lay your head on the pillow, you fall asleep…expectant for tomorrow.


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