The Scene from my Study Window

The scene beneath my study window is a familiar one. Daily, I look out upon its dismal imagery of deep pavement, grey sky, faded trees and structures of homes. In summer, it is brighter with more color, but lately, during the cold winter months the scenery is frozen and there is a thin layer of thick mist. Our home is right across the street from a house that has a family with 4 children occupying it. The 4 kids love to play in their front yard and as I study, I love to listen to their imaginary games. Their quick, loud, rambunctious behavior is refreshing. Its amazing how children, and their imaginations, can transform any dull imagery to a beautiful magical play land. For hours, the children will work together, combining ideas, and play in a world of intense pleasure and creativity. Whether they take on the roles of kings, queens, bandits, pirates, farmers, doctors, indians, or even animals, they each see life through new eyes. The dullness of the scenery around them does not affect their frolic behavior… rather, they look at it as a new opportunity for inventiveness.

I want to see life the same way kids see it. No matter what the circumstance, location, or event, they always have a unique outlook on life. I like that…and I love to look out upon the scene from my study window.


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