Allusive Sun.

I’m in such an odd mood, and I think I shall blame it on the weather. The light outside has a greyish tint to it, making time indiscernible, and the sun seems to hang in an allusive air, almost as if to say, “I don’t feel like looking at you today..”

I feel like escaping to an abandoned corner of a coffee shop with a soy latte, my wooden box of pencils, a sketchpad, and a friend. To talk for hours on end about random, indistinct questions that keep musing through my head… or to just sit in utmost silence and simply be. After our hours together in our abandoned corner, we would skip hand in hand to a children’s library. There, sitting in the middle of the floor, we would get lost in the fantastic illustrations and characters that are found inside those paper-bound-texts.

Oh, allusive sun… you do make me feel so odd.


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  1. ellen

    i just fell in love with you again. lets do these things sometime.

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