Veiled Unknown

I didn’t sleep last night. My mind was in a torrential storm, yet amidst the chaos, these letters formed in my head. I quickly scribbled their text and created their order. It helps me when I write a poem. Its like all the worry, questions, fears, longings, etc., seem to leave when I write down words in a systematic form.

I close my eyes, I shut and see
The path that You have chosen for me.

It stands there tall, gracious, and free,
In the distance it climbs, beckoning me.

Its call is pure, elegant, defined
Marked by the giving of all hearts incline

To reach the path, I must climb a hill
Abandoning all self and stubborn denying will.

Each step I mount on that intimidating hill
Burns and tears, at my stubborn, denying will.

The images of flesh and the fear of alone,
Grow more tangible and strong bearing down, deep down…

I love, I weep, each step tearing my soul.
Unrelenquished yearning, yet standing alone.

The hill is so steep, the path vanishing from sight,
Yet I close my eyes and stare in the Light.

I choose to believe in the promise You spoke,
I choose to give up the self’s heavy yoke.

I choose to love even when I cannot see
I choose to step higher, to give all that’s left in me.

I choose to climb, I choose to step,
Voluntary weakness. Your promise I have kept.

Each step I take, I give to You.
That I would be found faithful in all that I do

Help me climb. Come, take my hand
I can’t do it alone, yet on Your love do I stand.

I choose to trust, even when I cannot see
I choose to give up. Come.. encounter me.

With willingness of heart, I embrace the alone.
Giving up my life for the veiled unknown.


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