My Tuesday Morning

I was awakened to a quiet spontaneous knock on my door. The sun was up and I heard someone, outside my door, quietly whispering, “Guss? Gussi?” (my family nickname). The door slowly opened and in walked my little brother Daniel. His hair all over the place sticking out in every direction and yet it all seemed to culminate and stick straight out to the side, in a climatic and triumphant way. His eyes were droopy and half asleep,  his cheeks were red and round and his nose was still warm from the pillow. He tiptoed in and when he met my eyes, he gave me the happiest, biggest smile. He ran to my bed and grabbed my neck wishing me a good morning. After picking him up and snuggling with him in the covers I asked him what he dreamed about the night before and he stopped for a moment pondering, then he looked at me with earnest eyes and said, “Baby Jesus”. Ahhh.. my heart melted.

After a few moments of talking we decided to get up and we both got ready for the day. He brushed my hair, I washed his face, we splashed each other with water and eventually found outselves giggling on the floor tickling each others ears…

A good start to a day, I think.



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2 responses to “My Tuesday Morning

  1. Dalton Diehl

    After our conversation the other night at the show, you should know that this post brings an extra big smile to my face! I cant wait for my nephew carson to start walking and talking! Im sure I will have stories to tell for years to come.

  2. SLarsen

    I am so happy right now. Love the pictures.

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