Sketches on the Plane.

I love to travel. Of course, the long lines, crying babies, hot airplanes, delayed flights, and that never ending monotone voice that is continually repeated over the loud speaker, can get annoying, but watching people is one of my favorite things to do. And, if you know anything about traveling, you know that it presents the perfect opportunity to watch people. I love sitting in a little corner, where I am obscurely hidden from view, and just sit there staring at all of the different people who pass by. When someone catches my attention I just stare at them. Haaaa, which in itself is a little creepy 😉

When you watch someone for a good amount of time, you begin to see little hints of quirky mannerisms that are generally keep hidden behind their ‘put-together-facod’. As you secretly watch them, the little quirks start coming out; they begin to bight their fingernails, twitch their noses, tap their feet, bite their lips, chew on their pencils, and do nameless other things. After finding a little quirk, I love to capture it, and exaggerate it, with an ink penned illustration.

Oh Yes. I do indeed love to travel… *mischievous smile*


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  1. zach caddy

    These are so fun! good job, creeper, haha.

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