Out in Open Sea

The sun had scarcely risen over the horizon when we boarded the Ferry. There were about a hundred people already on the vessel and we had barely sat down in the Cabin, when the horn sounded and the ferry began to move.
I found a place to stand on the Port and closed my eyes as I felt the wind pick up matching the energy of the boats motor. We breathlessly floated over the glossy water making our way out of the docks maze, heading towards open sea. There were so many fascinating boats in the dock! Old boats, new boats, sailboats, motor boats. My favorite were the old, wooden boats whose paint was chipped and letters faded. I don’t know..They were comfortable with the sea. They had more history in their ropes and sails in comparison with those showy, new boats that looked so uncomfortable and out of place in the water.

There we were making our way into open ocean. We glided over the water so fast and beautiful! Our boat raced with the wind and the tide kept colliding with the boats front.

The mist of the sea kept kissing my face… and I smiled back.



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4 responses to “Out in Open Sea

  1. Aboslutely lovely. =)
    Also, who took the photos?
    I love them.

  2. Hannah Burnett

    I LOOOOOVE these pictures, Mary!! Great job.

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