Beauty’s Faithful Kiss

In the breaking of the dawn
You see its playful eye
in the coloring of grey
you hear its gentle sigh,

Where is beauty born?
In the womb of the sky?
Where doth it rest its head?
Does beauty ever die?

For even in death
Is beauty faithfully found
Resting its peaceful kiss
Upon this hollow ground.

It is even faithfully found
In the darkest of the nights,
For without the dawn of shadow
There would be no hope for light,

The faithful eye of beauty
is never quite or stilled
Passionate contentment,
Fire kindled, yet never filled.

When beauty is seen,
What can mere mortal do?
When caught beneath its stare
Those who look back are few.

For beauty is a mystery
to the darkened soul of man.
A beautiful, terrifying mystery
who dares to look? Who truly can?

It surrounds us with radiant light,
Purity crystalized, flesh does see,
Once beheld by the soul of man,
Faith is birthed, hope believed.

Beauty is unmarked, unscathed,
yet man condemned in sin.
Yet Beauty chose to share itself,
Though the eye of man is dim.

Beauty did decide and choose
To come, far down low,
Desiring to share itself,
To save its guilty foe

Beauty’s faithful kiss
Upon our brow did steal,
Marking us as its own,
Igniting our hearts to feel,

Beauty’s faithful kiss,
Faithful till the end,
Beauty’s faithful stare,
Its focus does not bend

Come my dear lover,
Kiss my barren soul,
May my eyes be opened,
True beauty to behold.



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3 responses to “Beauty’s Faithful Kiss

  1. Wow.
    Beautifully put.
    There is absolutely nothing more beautiful than God’s love for us.

  2. ashleyannkim

    I moved to wordpress mama 😀

  3. ashleyannkim

    You need to update this thang

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