Desperate murmuring for
the reality I know exists
beyond this veil of
complacent wandering.

I know He is there.
Blackness surrounds me.
I can almost feel
his breath upon my neck,
yet the moment I
open my eyes
to the veiling black,
as soon as I reach up,
He is gone.

I struggle – grabbing the
torrential storm of
thick nothingness – grasping…
almost believing, in
my desperate state,
that perhaps
I might be able to lay hold
of that deep breath
I perceived.

Yet stricken again is my
lovesick heart,
when all I find are
handfuls of
passing shadow.
He is gone.

Have you ever heard
the cry of
a desperation?
Has your ear ever
hearkened to the
wail of depravity?
So beautifully terrifying does its
echo ring.
So tragically transparant
does its shadow glide
in the mind of memory.
Its sound is hard to
Forever branding the depths
of complacent soul,
desperation cries aloud. Its
cry forever remembered.
He is gone.

To what extent will
madness carry a man?
How far will a lovesick
heart go, before it
bursts into a dying
liquid fire?
The mystery of love
is not in its passionate affair,
but rather
the dedicated persistence of
a wounded, lovesick

Once a heart is stricken
by love, it is forever
Forever, it pants for the
one it adores.
Forever, it beats for the rhythm of its
lover, even is scorned, abandoned, or left alone,
it still beats.
It still
carries on.

Though uncertainty may try to numb its
consistent beating of life –
the heart will not
give way.
How far will the desperate heart
One may wish the
beating of the heart
to cease,
the dedication to give way,
yet, Love is a cruel master.
It tears your soul,
for it consumes, it envelopes,
it surrounds.
Love is faithful.
Love yearns.
Love desires.

Love held a picture box of memory.
It reminds me of the promises
spoken. It remembers
the words left unsaid.
Ignorant of the weight
of time, it waits,
defying selfish gain.
Love held a picture box of memory
and looked me in
the eye.
Challenging my stare.

Desperate murmuring for
the reality I know exists
beyond this veil of
complacent wandering..
Yet again, He is gone.
and I am left



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2 responses to “Abstraction.

  1. ashleyannkim

    I can see the desperation, the longing…
    Keep clinging to His promise, keep writing your heart… I love you

  2. ashleyannkim

    btw I freakin’ love this new poem 😀

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