Dear Two Thousand And Eleven.

It’s January 1st.

Every January 1st, I find myself going somewhere where I can be alone, someplace where I can organize the torrential storm of thoughts that race through my mind. Its the New Year; what are my goals? What am I doing? Why am I here? What is the meaning of life? I find it quite humorous how all the questions of mankind seem to culminate on January the first, and they voice themselves, demanding an answer.

So, what is my grand mission for this next upcoming year? What is my rigorous goal for the next 365 days?
My answer is simple and its simplicity will most likely sound foolish, but its the simplicity that always gets me.

I want to love sincerely.

When I close my eyes and think of ‘loving sincerely’, I keep getting the picture of my momma in the kitchen. There she is cutting vegetables and stirring soup, getting the meal ready, while one of the kids is banging on the piano, another one is building some grand structure of legos on the table, two boys wrestling in the living room, the whole house full of noise and chaos and yet there is my momma entirely full of peace and a twinkle in her eye. The flour stains on her cheek become visible when she flashes a smile towards little Daniel as he runs inside all muddy from playing in the back yard. And the wisps of hair fall on her forehead as she wipes his face and hands with a warm towel.
My momma loves sincerely. She loves the person right in front of her and she will stop everything to give them her full attention. She lives in the moment, entirely present and at peace. Not fretting about the future, or analyzing the past. She is a woman of sincerity.

That picture that fills my mind, is my goal for this next year. I want to love sincerely. I want to love deeply. I want to live wholehearted.

So, 2011.. Let this be the year of love.


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