Home is where the heart is.

Yesterday, a good friend asked me the question, “In the future, where in the world would you like to call ‘home’?”
That question got me thinking.

I don’t know if ‘home’ for me would be any specific geographical place. I mean, obviously you live on a certain street and have a certain zip code, and are a part of a certain state/country, You live in a concrete block of walls and beams that you fill with furniture, food, and necessities with, but none of these things make home feel like home to me.

The feeling of ‘home’ is created by the people that you fill your ‘house of walls’ with. It has little to do with the architectural brilliance. Family is what makes home, home. Whether I live in a tent in Africa, or a mansion in Malibu, I will find home by the people I surround myself with. Whether I live richly or if I live poorly, I will find ‘home’ with the people I love.
I think its interesting that everyone has a desire to come ‘home’. Everyone has this innate longing to find a ‘home’; a place where one is heard, understood, and valued. A place where you can be entirely at peace, at rest, and secure. A place where you are loved unconditionally
This longing for a ‘home’ will never be fully satisfied until my Jesus returns. He is my resting place. He is my refuge of security. He is my home.

But, as I await the return of my Lover, He has given me people to love, and wherever they are, that is where my home shall be.


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