I don’t quite know what this is. If it qualifies as a poem? Rantings? Thoughts? But these words were laying, scribbled and hidden away in my handy dandy notebook, and I thought I would share them.

When the song of love beckons you to come, the bell tower of death steadily rings behind.
For to dwell and live in the security of loves ascension, one must descend into the heartbeat of deaths dying toll. It is in the descending of flesh and self that the soul of a man is saved. It is in the dying, that man will find life.
When the song of love beckons you to come…follow him. For the song of love will save you. It is in the barrenness of exterior where love finds it home. The song of love is a mystery to the mind of man. For it is in the giving up of all you possess, that gives leave for you to join in the melody of its tune.
For love will take your strength, tearing at the curtain of the unconquerable. Love will take your voice, stripping the masks of insincerity. Loves favorite way to speak is in the whispering of silence and in the giving of a listening ear.
The crown of Love is in the crucifixion of self. Its joy is found in the letting go. Follow the song of love, follow its beckoning call. Do not fear its music, though its melody will slay all you once held dear.
Love possesses, love consumes. Giving its all and requiring nothing less of man.

So sing on oh song, may your melody beckon me.


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  1. zach

    the less organized the poetry the better i often find. love this.

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