October is the coldest month

“You rode your bike to the old diner. You didn’t mean for there to be,but a full moon
was out to light your way.
Maybe your eyes knew, and that’s why they noticed for the first time how alive the
earth looked as you moved over it. Beside it. Through it.
Maybe your lungs knew, and that’s why they breathed in a little deeper
the fall air filled with city lights.
Maybe your mouth knew. And that’s why it spread itself into that rare smile
for the world to see one last time.
You calmly got off your bike and chained it to the rack. I wasn’t even there
but every time I close my eyes, I can see you drown.”

(photo courtesy: Salveo)



Filed under My Poetry

2 responses to “October is the coldest month

  1. It’s not often I read a poem and know the author.

    Miss you, Darling.

    I owe you a letter. Same address?

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