One of my favorite things to do is brew a cup of earl gray tea and amuse myself with a game of Scrabble. There is something so festive in playing a game with wooden letters – makes me feel like I am intelligent, or I’m some big important person, or something silly like that.
There you are with a random selection of 7 letters and you have to create a word that not only is in the dictionary, but can win you a plethora of points! haaaa…
I have one slight problem though… whenever I play the game, I always seem to come up with imaginary words. It happens to me all the time. There I am with my 7 letters and suddenly a word pops in my head that I could swear exists, but once I lay it out on the board, much to my dismay, my competitors assure me that it is imaginary.

This confirms it. I should have memorized the dictionary after all.

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