I had a dream the other night that someone gave me a wooden Crosely record player. The dream was so real, that when I woke up the next morning I actually searched my room for my Crosely and was at a complete loss as to why I could not find it! Much to my dismay, about halfway through my search, it dawned on me that my wooden-gift-of-wonder was only a wish that had been momentarily satisfied in my drowsing state of unconsciousness.
I admit that I felt rather silly that I had just spent 15 minutes searching for something that had only been the figment of my imagination.. Yet I wiped off my embarrassed silliness and went to a local Thrift Store where I searched through the myriads of Record Albums to console my melancholy.
Much to my excitement I was able to find for .73 cents my favorite Tchaikovsky 1812 overture. Don’t you just love Thrift Stores? Of course I won’t be able to play this record for some time, but at least it can sit on my shelf and I can look at it with anticipation.

Well, I am signing off.
Until we meet again my Wooden Crosely.

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