The water drove you mad

We spent the summer by the sea getting lost
in the crowded sand and shells that stuck to crest of
the oceans bottom.

Your hand barely touched mine, but I could hear its desire in the way you said
my name.

You said you didn’t mind the waves,
but your eyes looked lost as you watched them dance
back and forth beneath the
pallid sky and sun.

I saw the sun hold hands with the ground today,
you said it was only my imagination, but
your eyes looked jealous as you saw my fingers
grasping for the beams of light that were catching in the water.

You told me you never wanted to leave.
But I knew it was a lie…
You were afraid of the oceans madness,
wishing you could control it with your hands.
Maybe that is why you sat on the shore
Clenching the sand in your fist,
the water drove you mad.


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